PRO Landscape

PRO Landscape Contractor is the Most Complete Landscape and Garden Design Tablet App for Landscape Professionals.

Instant Design, Instant Impression

Design instantly with our professional landscape design tablet app.   Simply snap a picture of a potential customer’s property, then drag & drop your design ideas and close the sale in minutes.

PRO Landscape Contractor is easy-to-learn and powerful.  Take advantage of the huge plant library where you can save you own favorites.  

 View a short intro video. 

Now available for iPad and Android Tablets. Download the PRO Landscape Contractor app for free and give it a try.  Click below to view the in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

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  • Customizable, Flexible and Accessible Image Library

    • Save local favorites for fast access to commonly used objects.
    • Online access to entire PRO Landscape image library – 11,000+ objects.
    • Set climate zones in the app so you only see plants for your area.
    • Search by common or botanical name.
  • Create Price Quotes Right on Your Tablet

    Once your design is complete you can instantly create a price quotation using your prices. 

    Adjust quantities or prices and then print, email or save your price quote as a pdf file.

  • Design Renovation Projects Right on the Tablet

    Your landscape design tablet app includes a powerful cutout tool that can be used to easily cover up the existing landscaping.

    Cut out pieces of the background image and cover up the exiting landscaping.  Lock them in place so you don’t accidently move them.

  • Save, Print or Email Right from your Tablet

    Designs created with PRO Landscape Contractor can be saved and re-opened if you need to do more work on them.  You can also print or email an image of the design right on your tablet.

  • Share Your Designs on Facebook, Twitter or More

    Sharing your designs your social media accounts is a great way to show your customers and potential customers the type of design service you offer.

  • Email Design Files to PRO Landscape Users

    Even though PRO Landscape Contractor is a standalone app a user with full version or PRO Landscape can open the design files.

“It is all about selling jobs, and PRO Landscape does it.”

Richard Saunders Green View Garden Center, Greensboro, NC

PRO Landscape Contractor Will Help You Close Sales.

Design, Quote, Present and Close on the Spot!

  • Create designs instantly with your landscape design tablet app.
  • Create instant price quotes for your designs.