PRO Landscape

PRO Landscape Tablet Apps.

PRO Landscape is the leader in landscape design apps for iPad and Android tablets. We offer two landscape design apps for the professional landscape contractor, designer, architect or garden center.  Design your landscape in realtime with PRO Landscape. 

PRO Landscape Companion

PRO Landscape Companion is a landscape design app designed to work in conjunction with the full version of PRO Landscape.

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PRO Landscape Contractor

The PRO Landscape Contractor app is a standalone landscape design app for professionals.

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Some of the Key Features in Common with Both PRO Landscape Design Apps Include:

  • Access to the full PRO Landscape image library containing over 14,000 items.
  • Plants are organized by climate zone and you can set your own zones.
  • Ability to search the database.
  • Create local favorites so no Internet connection is required to design.
  • Includes a powerful cutout tool so you can cover up the existing landscape for those renovation projects.
  • Insert the before picture to show a before/after view.
Feature PRO Landscape Companion App PRO Landscape Contractor App
Create New or Edit Photo Imaging Designs
Local Favorites
Access Full Image Library of 14,000+ Objects
Cutout Tool to Cover Up Existing Landscaping in Renovation Projects
Set Climate Zone(s) for Your Area
Search by Common or Botanical Name
Create Quotes Using Your Prices
Platforms iPad & Android iPad & Android
Pricing Free for PRO Landscape users Monthly or Annual Subscription