PRO Landscape

System Requirements for PC Users

  • Intel, AMD, or equivalent processor (32 or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows® Windows 7/Windows 8 or 8.1/Windows 10
  • 2 GB RAM Minimum (6 GB RAM or higher recommended)
  • 1024x768, 16M colors or higher video
  • USB drive (not required for downloaded versions)
  • Sound card for multimedia tutorials
  • Mouse, pen tablet, or other pointing device recommended
  • 9 GB of available hard disk space

System Requirements for Mac Users

PRO Landscape is a Windows application but we have hundreds of customers that are successfully running PRO Landscape on a Mac. There are a couple of options for running Windows applications on your Mac.

  1. Install a program such as Parallels Desktop which will help you then install a copy of Windows on your Mac.  Once set up you can run both Windows and Mac applications at the same time without having to reboot.  
  2. Starting with Mac OS X, you can install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp. Use the following link below to access details about Boot Camp feature that may be used to install and run Windows.  Note that if you just use Boot Camp and not a product like Parallels you will need to restart your computer to switch between the Mac OS and Windows.

Note:  We don't normally recommend specific computers or 3rd party products but if you are Mac user we highly recommend Parallels Desktop.  That's what we run on our office Macs and it is easy to set up with outstanding performance.  

 Watch a short video on what it's like to use PRO Landscape on a Mac.

Itʼs important to note, that PRO Landscape does not support any of the above configurations or software vendors mentioned, however, PRO Landscape will support questions specifically about PRO Landscape regardless of whether your computer is a Windows PC or a Mac running Windows. If one of these solutions will work for you, then you can join the growing list of successful users running PRO Landscape design software via Windows on their Mac.