PRO Landscape Companion for iPad or Android Tablets

Go mobile with the first professional landscape design solution for iPad and Android Tablets - PRO Landscape Companion. PRO Landscape Companion gives you additional advantages over your competitors.

- Impress customers by designing on site.

- Present designs and proposals on your tablet.

- Show videos of your proposed designs.

- Design, present and close the sale on the spot.



“I fully expect that now with the PRO Landscape Companion I’ll easily win every bid, and my customers will love it, and me.”   –Aron Hoffman, Groundskeepers Landscaping, Inc.


PRO Landscape Companion Overview Video 


Create and Edit Designs

Create new designs using pictures taken from your tablet, or projects you started with PRO Landscape on your computer. Add to your designs with plants, hardscapes, mulch, grass, and more.

  • Drag and drop plants on to your drawing with ease. Easily move and resize objects for the perfect fit.
  • Create patterns using grass, mulch, and pavers.

The palette of available plants, and other objects comes directly from your Favorites in PRO Landscape’s Image Editor so you will always have access to the items you use on a regular basis.


Put together complete, professional proposals in PRO Landscape and present them to your prospective customers on your tablet using PRO Landscape Companion.

  • Show presentation booklets page-by-page created from Proposal. They can include a cover page, photo imaging and CAD designs, price quotes, plant information and more.
  • Show prospective customers different alternatives by viewing a design at different levels, options, or points of competition.
  • Take CAD drawings with you in the field so you can make sure the job is done right.

Integrates Seamlessly with PRO Landscape

Transfer designs between your tablet and desktop/laptop version of PRO Landscape, giving you the utmost flexibility on when and where you want to design and present.


PRO Landscape Companion works with PRO Landscape, Version 18.1 or higher.  


iPad - PRO Landscape Companion for iPad is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at

Android - PRO Landscape Companion for Android is available for free from the Google Play Store

“PRO Landscape is an amazing design tool!”

Kirk Engle, Dreams to Designs, Erial, NJ

“PRO Landscape is a GREAT product!”

Brad Clark, Carribean Dreams Landscapes, Chandler, AZ