Easiest-to-Use CAD

Tired of drawing by hand and then spending extra time labeling your drawing and doing quantity take-offs? PRO Landscape lets you quickly create scaled 2D-site plans that accurately represent the installation of plantings, hardscapes, and even irrigation systems.  As you draw, PRO Landscape is keeping track of the plant material and calculating the areas of pavers and other hardscapes, volumes of materials such as mulch or rock making your complete landscape proposal just a mouse-click away. 

One of the many things that make PRO Landscape so easy to learn and use is our EZScape Tools.  The EZScape Tools enable you to create all the elements of a typical landscape plan with the single click of a button, all the way from drawing the structure, pavers, the landscape beds, to the title block, plant legend, and even creating a complete customer proposal!


Creating a complete landscape plan with PRO Landscape involves just a few simple steps: 

  1. Create the Base Plan:  There are a couple of ways to get started with the quickest being to import a CAD file from either AutoCAD® or another CAD program.  PRO Landscape includes RealDWG® from AutoCAD so you can be assured you have the latest compatibility with .DWG or .DXF files. If you don’t have a CAD file but do have access to a survey or site plan there’s a wizard that walks you through the simple steps of importing and then scaling the base plan. Many times there is no survey or CAD file so you have taken your own measurements.  PRO Landscape’s EZScape tools make it simple and fast to draw the property lines, structures, pavers and any other existing items.
  2. Select your Paper Size and Scale: You can set or change the paper size and drawing scale at any time but know that everything you have drawn is relative to the current scale.  This means you can print a large drawing for your crew, or a smaller one for the customer without modifying any lines on your drawing. There’s no limit to what paper size or scale you choose. 
  3. Create the Planting Beds:  You can decide whether you want to place plants first, and then create the bed lines, or add the bed lines first.  Every plant in the database has a pre-assigned symbol, which you can customize.  You simply select the plant by name (Common or Botanical) and drag it to your drawing.  The symbols are scaled to the mature size of the plant so all you have to do is drop one or more in place.   Keep in mind that as you place plants PRO Landscape is not only keeping track of the plant name, but also the plant size (a 5 Gal, for example), and the corresponding price.  To create a bed line with either edging or a retaining wall you simply click the appropriate EZScape tool and start drawing.   Smooth curves are a cinch with PRO Landscape.   Once your bed is in place the EZScape mulch tool will fill the area with mulch, again with just a single mouse-click.  In addition, for areas like mulch, you can select the material type and depth and PRO Landscape will automatically calculate the volume of mulch and transfer that information right to your bid.
  4. Add in Other Design Elements:  Some landscape plans may be as simple as creating a basic base plan and then adding plants and planting beds.  Other drawings may include the property lines, the entire building structure, and have new pavers, decks, outdoor living items, irrigation, drainage systems and more.  You might also want to add in doors and windows to the building structure.  PRO landscape has hundreds of symbols for irrigation, outdoor living, doors & windows, water features, lighting, etc.  Or, it’s easy to create or customize your own symbols and add them to the library. 
  5. Add in Drawing Details: To complete your drawing you might want to add details for your installation crew or the customer.  The EZScape tools let you add a title block or plant legend with just a single mouse click.  It’s also simple to add other details such as plant callouts (including a picture of the plant), dimensions or other notes. 
  6. Turn your Design into True 3D:  If you want to continue to wow your customer you can turn your CAD design into 3D so you can view it from any angle, do walk-throughs or fly-overs.  All of the CAD symbols will be elevated using actual photographs of the plants.  If you have a photograph of the customer’s house or building you can add that for the most realism possible in 3D designs.
  7. Print your Drawing:  You can print your drawing in any size or scale to any printer you have connected to your computer.  Or, if you need a large size drawing and don’t have a large format printer/plotter, it’s easy to create a scaled PDF file that any vendor can print for you. 
  8. Create An Estimate:  Once your drawing is complete you can create a complete customer proposal in minutes with all of the details from your drawing.  PRO Landscape also lets you bid only part of the drawing making it easy to create a separate bid for irrigation, or even a phase of the project if the customer elects not to do the entire project at once.

Key Features

Easy-to-Learn and Extremely Easy-to-Use

All the buttons, menus and options in PRO Landscape use landscape terminology making it not only easy to use but also very easy to learn.   We’ve created our own EZScape Tools which are basically “big buttons” for the most common tasks.  In many cases you can create a complete design with just the EZScape Tools.  For more detailed tasks you’ll find the menus written with landscape terminology such as Draw Property Line, Draw Paver, Draw Mulch, Draw Plant Legend, etc.   PRO Landscape has been written for one task, landscape design, so you’ll never get confused by terminology typically found in other CAD programs.

View CAD Projects In 3D

PRO Landscape gives you the power to view your CAD projects in 3D. You can actually turn your 2D CAD symbols into breathtaking 3D images that will rise out of the printed page. With 3D viewing, your customers will be able to see a CAD drawing that will actually jump right out at them. The 3D CAD presentation gives you that little something extra to separate you from your competition!

Automatic Plant Layout From Image File

Once you complete your photo imaging projects you can automatically convert the plant material into a CAD drawing.  You still have to draw the outline of the house or building and any hardscapes, but you won’t have to re-count the plants because they will be automatically placed for you.  If you have created multiple Image Editor files you can place them around the entire house.  Talk about a time savings!

Customizable Symbol Library

All of the photographic images in PRO Landscape have a corresponding CAD symbol assigned to them so there is absolutely no setup required.  The symbols are scaled to the mature size of the plant so you’ll always know the proper spacing.  The symbol libraries are completely customizable so you can create or modify symbols to achieve the exact look you desire.  You can also view the symbols library using either common or botanical name. With a single mouse-click you can add shadows, add custom colors and gradient fills, or render your drawing with an artistic look.  

Symbol Array Tools

Ever want to put in a row of plants, but don’t look forward to drawing the same symbol 10 times and keep the spacing consistent? PRO Landscape includes symbol array tools that let you select a symbol and then drag out a row of the plant at the spacing you specify. You can even create arcs, circles, and staggered rows.  You can also fill an area with the same symbol or place symbols in a freeform pattern with a specified spacing. 

Import Drawings From Other CAD Programs

PRO Landscape includes RealDWG from Autodesk guaranteeing the best compatibility with AutoCAD DWG or DXF files.  Once you open the imported file you can manipulate all of the layers in the original drawing. You also save any drawing in either DWG or DXF format if you want to send your completed drawing back to an architect.

Irrigation Designs

PRO Landscape lets you create your irrigation plan right on the same drawing as your landscaping.  New automatic layout tools will lay out sprinkler heads for the area and spacing you define.  The irrigation coverage tool will show you visually how much overlap you have so you can adjust accordingly. 

You can also easily draw your sprinkler pipe and the length will automatically be calculated by zone.  Finalize your drawing with symbols for the meter, valves and more. 

Finalizing Your Drawing Is Easy

Unlike drawing by hand, once you’ve finished your landscape plan creating all the extras to make a professional looking plan is quick and easy. Create a plant legend with one mouse click that includes the common name, botanical name, or both, plus the plant sizes. Step through a wizard that creates a professional looking title block that includes the drawing scale. Add dimension lines to key areas by drawing the area you want and the software will add the exact dimensions.

Detailed, Automatic Take-Offs

As you create your CAD plan PRO Landscape is keeping track of everything on your drawing.  This includes all of the plant material including the plant size, but also exact length of edging, volume of mulch, areas for pavers and grass, length of sprinkler pipe, etc. 

Automatic Render Modes

Don’t like the traditional CAD look?  Choose from 6 different CAD render modes to automatically change your drawing to stunning look.  You can choose from symbols, hand-drawn, pastel, watercolor, photorealistic, colored pencil or a stylized look.

Key Features

"PRO Landscape helped me sell $150,000 worth of work."

Paxton Fitts, Delta Sunrise, Ruleville, MS

"... it is so convincing ... 98 percent ask us to implement the plan."

Mike McQuay, Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co., Louisiana, MO