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Moving Registration From Old System to New System

PRO Landscape Tips
August 1, 2017

In versions 18 and under you will need to uninstall from old system within the Windows Control Panel >> Programs & Features.  The uninstall process will generate an uninstall code.  Please notify PRO Landscape Support with this code and we will remov… Continue Reading

Version 23 Upgrades Now Available

April 14, 2017

Version 23 is now available for download.  The cost is dependent on your current version,  see  for current pricing.  A short list of the new features are:

3000 additional images for a total over 17,000 images Tip … Continue Reading

Missing Images After v22 or v23 Install

February 20, 2017

Starting with PRO Landscape version 22, users are given the option to download the program from the web.  The install may take anywhere from one to several hours to install and in some cases, not all of the image library will be installed.  Rather th… Continue Reading

When Proposal Stops Working on Windows 10 Computer

Announcements, Proposal Tips
September 26, 2016

Beginning August 2, 2016, Microsoft began rolling out a Windows 10 Anniversary Update(build 14393) to users of  Windows 10 automatically.  This update caused the PRO Landscape Proposal to stop working.  This update had no known issues with Image Edit… Continue Reading

Creating a Paver Area Around a Non-Paver Area

Planner Tips
May 3, 2016

This posting addresses the issue where you have an area like a paver or grass area and there is an inner section which needs to be covered by another material.  Here are a couple  examples and techniques.

Creating Paver Around Pool Symbol First, we d… Continue Reading

Runtime Errors Causing PRO Landscape to Not Open

March 27, 2016

We are seeing a number of runtime errors in Image Editor, Planner and Proposal.  The majority of these errors are caused by a recent update or installation of Microsoft Office or Windows.  Normally these problem can be resolved immediately by running… Continue Reading

Sharing Violation Error

Planner Tips
March 1, 2016

Some users have experienced a Sharing Violation Error when opening the Planner application.  The typical cause  for this error is that there is an instance of Planner already running or the Planner was previously close but still resides as a running … Continue Reading

2016 Spring Training Schedule

January 26, 2016

For spring 2016 we will be hosting classroom training sessions in the following cities: 2 Day Fundamental Training     Feb. 24 - 25, 2016             Orlando, FL        March 1 - 2, 2016               Baltimore, MD        March 3 - 4, 2016          … Continue Reading

Apply Hatch Patterns So That Symbols Are Easy To View

Planner Tips
November 6, 2015

You will notice that when placing symbols on top of paver areas which are using hatch patterns, the symbols are difficult to see.   The following technique is should improve the appearance of your drawings.  In this example we have a paver patio wit… Continue Reading

Deleting a Plant Size from the Database

PRO Landscape Tips, Proposal Tips
October 30, 2015

You will notice that each item in the database in set up with numerous sizes by default.  As an example, most trees have 12-14 different sizes and shrubs have 6-8 different sizes.  There is a very easy method to remove the unwanted sizes like that 25… Continue Reading

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