PRO Landscape


PRO Landscape is the perfect teaching tool for your landscape or horticulture classes.  It's easy to learn and even easier to use.  PRO Landscape is an integral part of the curriculum at hundreds of educational facilities at both the High School and College levels.

In High Schools, PRO Landscape helps the students learn landscaping design fundamentals, plus gives them experience with the latest available technology, which can inspire them to pursue a degree in landscape design.  PRO Landscape’s photo imaging, lighting and CAD features let students create designs that are practical, exciting and engaging.

PRO Landscape has become an important part of many degree programs at both the Community/Junior College and University level.  Hands-on experience with PRO Landscape has helped many students find better jobs after graduation.


Teaching PRO Landscape in your school provides great benefits for your school, but of course, also for your students.  You’ll be giving them that competitive edge that they'll need once they've graduated.

  • Students learn with the leading landscape design software in the industry.   Your students will quickly be ready to take their landscape design education to the next level or into their own career in the landscape industry.
  • PRO Landscape design software is easy to learn and use – you’ll be impressed by the designs your students create in a short period of time.
  • Schools receive the same, free technical support and no annual maintenance fee we provide to our landscape design customers.
  • Our educational pricing will fit most any budget.