PRO Landscape

The best selling design software for landscape professionals.

Only PRO Landscape Lets You Design Anywhere, Any Time and on Any Platform.

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PRO Landscape is the Most Complete Landscape Design Software You Can Buy.

Whether it’s impressing a customer with a photo imaging project, creating a CAD drawing for a large commercial project, upselling with a night lighting design, designing right in front of the customer on your tablet, or presenting a complete, professional proposal, PRO Landscape can do it all.

Some Key Features Include

  • Photo Imaging
  • Easy-to-Use CAD
  • One-Click Proposals
  • Landscape Design Tablet Apps
  • 3D Rendering
  • Lighting Design

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PRO Landscape Design Software on Laptop

PRO Landscape is Perfect For All Your Landscape Design Needs.

  • Landscape Contractor, Designer or Architect

    Professional designers use PRO Landscape for all of their residential or commercial landscape design projects, regardless of the size or scale. Learn More

  • Garden Centers

    Design right in your garden center on either a computer or a tablet. PRO Landscape is so easy to use that any of your employees can create a design quickly that is sure to impress your customers. Learn More

  • Schools

    PRO Landscape is taught in hundreds of high schools, colleges and universities. PRO Landscape is easy to use and fun for students. Plus, you’ll be teaching with the industry leading landscape design software so your students will have a competitive edge after they graduate. Learn More

Landscape Design Apps for Professionals.

PRO Landscape is the leader in landscape design apps.  We offer two landscape design apps for professionals giving you the flexibility to design and bid on site – right with the customer!  Both apps let you create a stunning landscape design that will impress any customer in minutes.  Powerful cutout tools even let you take a picture with existing landscaping, cover that up so you can create a new design that is sure to impress.

PRO Landscape Companion

PRO Landscape Companion is a free landscape design app that is included with PRO Landscape. More

PRO Landscape Contractor

This standalone app offers the same power and functionality as our Companion app for users who don’t have the full version of PRO Landscape. More


PRO Landscape Design App on Tablet or iPad

"I've lost track of how many times PRO Landscape has paid for itself."

Brett Seltz The Seltz Company, Franklin, TN

"... it is so convincing ... 98 percent ask us to implement the plan."

Mike McQuay Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co., Louisiana, MO

Available Worldwide

PRO Landscape is available worldwide, and in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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Technical Support

In addition to phone and email support we have FAQs, and a forum to help you answer any question you have regarding PRO Landscape.

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